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Heyo! I'm a Pakistani girl with a little passion, I tend to do a billion things at a time. I'm crazy, quite immature. I love cats....

Fan mag art

I’m active on a specific forum, and they started a fan mag a while ago. I got in as an editor/overlooker along with two very talented artists, and the past week has been me working like crazy to get these done. The pose on the (1/2 body) red-head was the hardest (it was referenced from Senshistock.)

Icy for mag bloom-tecna christmas

Ask Bloom 1(Yes her right arm is off.)


Korra Animation WIP

    This animation was/is a LOT smoother in PS.
A rough sketch of Korra from LOK which is ending next week :< I’m doing this key frame by key frame if you’re curious. I added motion tween inbetween, but unlike Adobe Flash, Photoshop’s tween is completely useless. Yay…? I’m going to have to get Flash to get this to a decent quality animation but eh, this works for the time being.

Animation attempt

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

I recently got Photoshop CC, and I’ve been itching to try some animation. As I don’t have flash, I tried animating with Photoshop. I thought I could get away with drawing a couple of key-frames and adding 2-3 frames between. Turns out that it isn’t that simple. There’s a separate delay for each frame, and if you want to make the animation seem as realistic, you need to mess with quite a bit of stuff.



Also, apologies for the speed, but Photoshop converts the speed into something much slower when I save it as a .gif



Me just messing around with different brushes on PTSAI. Based on this gif []

I’ll probably have a more refined fma artwork or something of the sort coming up soon.

Also, for those of you who haven’t heard/read Fullmetal Alchemist, you need to read it

Halloween contest siggies

A while ago, (on a forum on which I am a moderator) a Halloween contest was held. The voting round is currently being held (I won’t put a link), so I thought I’d get the signatures out of the way. There were three categories: food, art, and writing. I had to do signatures for both.
As usual, they are done on huge canvases. These were very fun and stress-relieving to do!



Zelda U – Lineless

//Finally// posted some artwork. I really enjoyed making this, and I noticed that my colouring style has become softer even though I haven’t done any digital artwork since this. Anyways, I really enjoyed this.
Speedpaint to be up soon.
Expect FMA related stuff to be coming soon.
ZUE314 ll
[Also, apologies for bad anatomy. This was me working on an already-made sketch.]

WIP – Zelda U lineless

ZU Wip

I recently got an Intuos Pen & Touch, and since I didn’t want to make a new drawing from scratch, I heavily edited another semi-done art of mine. I decided to make it lineless since I enjoy that, and because it’s challenging. I have no idea when I’ll be done with it, but art updates won’t be as infrequent as they were.

Isabelle Concept Art

You know those artworks that you used to love when you made them, but now you want to burn?
This is one of them, unfortunately.
As you can see, it’s an artwork of me trying to figure out my OC Isabelle, all while trying to figure out my (now) signature style.
Epic failure of the century.