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Hello people~!


No, I am not dead. Just doing art, and not posting it.

Just some v-day fluff I decided to draw. Strangely, Minato put me in a lot of pain… This took 5 days to complete, no, it wasn’t a very hard artwork to do. It’s just that school and my social network get heated up at very odd times.

Yes, I like the copper coloured linework.

Naruto – Sage Mode

Sage mode WW styleNothing better to do when you’re going over-the-moon waiting for the next Naruto Manga chapter than to draw Naruto, right?

This is actually a belated present. Sorry for the lateness, bad habits die hard. Yay for background!

Too bad they couldn’t put in the cloak-thingy after Pain Arc. And my friend has to comment: “They couldn’t make him look more badrear( word changed on purpose, don’t ask me what the original was if you don’t know.) than his rival Uchihas.” which is hilarious,

and true…Really Kishi?






New Canvas

Nope, I haven’t been drawing Naruto in dynamic poses, I have been studying for exams</extreme sarcasm>

It’s the best manga I’ve ever read(made me feel like crying a HELL lot). It’s also dedicated to the most amazing person I’ve ever met.