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This is the style which I have created :)

Fan mag art

I’m active on a specific forum, and they started a fan mag a while ago. I got in as an editor/overlooker along with two very talented artists, and the past week has been me working like crazy to get these done. The pose on the (1/2 body) red-head was the hardest (it was referenced from Senshistock.)

Icy for mag bloom-tecna christmas

Ask Bloom 1(Yes her right arm is off.)


Korra Animation WIP

    This animation was/is a LOT smoother in PS.
A rough sketch of Korra from LOK which is ending next week :< I’m doing this key frame by key frame if you’re curious. I added motion tween inbetween, but unlike Adobe Flash, Photoshop’s tween is completely useless. Yay…? I’m going to have to get Flash to get this to a decent quality animation but eh, this works for the time being.

Animation attempt

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

I recently got Photoshop CC, and I’ve been itching to try some animation. As I don’t have flash, I tried animating with Photoshop. I thought I could get away with drawing a couple of key-frames and adding 2-3 frames between. Turns out that it isn’t that simple. There’s a separate delay for each frame, and if you want to make the animation seem as realistic, you need to mess with quite a bit of stuff.



Also, apologies for the speed, but Photoshop converts the speed into something much slower when I save it as a .gif

Zelda U – Lineless

//Finally// posted some artwork. I really enjoyed making this, and I noticed that my colouring style has become softer even though I haven’t done any digital artwork since this. Anyways, I really enjoyed this.
Speedpaint to be up soon.
Expect FMA related stuff to be coming soon.
ZUE314 ll
[Also, apologies for bad anatomy. This was me working on an already-made sketch.]

Zelda U – WIP

Remember waaay back at E3 this year? We got our first glimpses of the beauty that is Zelda U. And since Zelda is my life, I had to draw something. This this. It’s old, about two months which is how long I’ve been on a no-digital drawing stuff :< but I’m happy with it. I usually don’t draw males, and I tried one of my newer styles (I have two art styles now!) and yep. It’s still in the flat colour stage. I have so many theories for this game, it isn’t even funny. XD Also, since this place is literally barren, I’m going to post WIPs for arts that probably never will be completed, or were trashed.

class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-316″ alt=”2014-08-16_12-59-23″ src=”×545.png” width=”604″ height=”321″ />

Also. I’ve made a tumblr!


Hello people~!


No, I am not dead. Just doing art, and not posting it.

Just some v-day fluff I decided to draw. Strangely, Minato put me in a lot of pain… This took 5 days to complete, no, it wasn’t a very hard artwork to do. It’s just that school and my social network get heated up at very odd times.

Yes, I like the copper coloured linework.

Summary of art 2013

The stuff I did in 2013~


Not sure if there’s as much improvement as I would’ve liked. But hey! At least my drawing don’t look like ugly stick figures anymore. And yes, lame pun: I drew May, in May XD(she’s still my favourite trainer.)

I’ve been getting a few comments asking if my name is Penny. No it isn’t. ^.^

Month explanation:

January: A month of slight depression. Not much improvement here.

February: The month of art. I got my VERY first graphic tablet. Tons of improvement(not in the pic above)

March: Two words: Proportion hell. I got my proportions wacko since I stopped using bases, I’m glad I stopped.

April-August: Month of nostalgia. Gaming obsession reborn~ And me getting over artblock.

September & October: Month of craziness. Mad art skills, not to mention manga craze kicks right back into gear.


Epic gaming releases!! I was COMPLETELY hyped up. We see many drastic changes.

December: Me and Sash met(again) and I began putting my skills to the test.



Last ride of the Day

New Canvas

Once upon a night we’ll wake up to the carnival of Life

The beauty of this ride ahead, its such an incredible high

It’s hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead

This moment the dawn of humanity

I’ve been listening to It’s amazing. I really love imaginaerum. I’ve been feeling a little down lately, and this song helped me a little.


New Canvas

Nope, I haven’t been drawing Naruto in dynamic poses, I have been studying for exams</extreme sarcasm>

It’s the best manga I’ve ever read(made me feel like crying a HELL lot). It’s also dedicated to the most amazing person I’ve ever met.