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Zelda U – WIP

Remember waaay back at E3 this year? We got our first glimpses of the beauty that is Zelda U. And since Zelda is my life, I had to draw something. This this. It’s old, about two months which is how long I’ve been on a no-digital drawing stuff :< but I’m happy with it. I usually don’t draw males, and I tried one of my newer styles (I have two art styles now!) and yep. It’s still in the flat colour stage. I have so many theories for this game, it isn’t even funny. XD Also, since this place is literally barren, I’m going to post WIPs for arts that probably never will be completed, or were trashed.

class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-316″ alt=”2014-08-16_12-59-23″ src=”×545.png” width=”604″ height=”321″ />

Also. I’ve made a tumblr!

Working on My style

TESTINGWorking on my style “-”. The girl on the left has my hairstyle xD.

I feel in heaven now. I mean, Legend Of Korra, maybe winx, Pokemon X Y(I want to pre order…), A Link Between The Worlds, WITCH, HTTYD 2… Uff, I am suffering a fangirl’s fangasm. Well, Pokemon and ALBW are first on my get list(with OoT 3D)

Wind Waker

Honestly, I’m literally dancing now. It(WW HD) released 12:00 hours ago EST mind you.

Unfortunately it’s ONLY the Wii U eShop, not to mention US only >.<. I haven’t drawn in this style since what? Summer holidays? I struggled with this so much, I nearly went batty.