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Character Design Base

I’ve been doing quite a lot of character designing/adopts, and it’s really annoying to re-do the body again and again, so I thought I might as well do a base for myself, I’m currently done with the female one, and I might as well release it online. You can download it below;

I have a “Read me” in there which has all the rules to which need to comply, as well as the filetypes in it, so I’d suggest reading it first.

Summary of art 2013

The stuff I did in 2013~


Not sure if there’s as much improvement as I would’ve liked. But hey! At least my drawing don’t look like ugly stick figures anymore. And yes, lame pun: I drew May, in May XD(she’s still my favourite trainer.)

I’ve been getting a few comments asking if my name is Penny. No it isn’t. ^.^

Month explanation:

January: A month of slight depression. Not much improvement here.

February: The month of art. I got my VERY first graphic tablet. Tons of improvement(not in the pic above)

March: Two words: Proportion hell. I got my proportions wacko since I stopped using bases, I’m glad I stopped.

April-August: Month of nostalgia. Gaming obsession reborn~ And me getting over artblock.

September & October: Month of craziness. Mad art skills, not to mention manga craze kicks right back into gear.


Epic gaming releases!! I was COMPLETELY hyped up. We see many drastic changes.

December: Me and Sash met(again) and I began putting my skills to the test.



Zelda Doodlees

So I’ve been neglecting my Zelda OC’s.. A LOT.(Mostly conceptual stuff, so boring poses, sorry guys)



(The feet never cease to nearly kill me…)


This is actually a gift for one of my friends who I like to call Mema

Aaand a custom wallpaper~