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Just putting that as a warning.

So, can I begin by saying how much I love Xerneas? And the game in general( Pokemon X) was one of the best I’ve ever played(yes, I’ve played quite a few games, I’ve played most of the games from the three ‘bigs’ upto the sixth generation.)

So, I got the game for my birthday on the 25th of Feb, and then… I was addicted. Seriously, I don’t I’ve ever been this addicted since Twilight Princess.

And in the process… Xerneas became one of my favourite Pokemon, serious. And I attempted to draw it. I was fun to draw nonetheless. Weird, since I hate drawing animals. Another weird thing is that I have a strong dislike for Yveltal.

Background New Canvas



Expect more shipping artworks soon.


Concept Art – Older May

A pic of May from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. She’s my favourite trainer, she’s older here. And yes. She has a mole on her nose XD. Not to mention the cute lil’ Pokeball on her undershirt.

older May


^^ Click for full image, or download!!

I have a video of this uploading~ It’s 1:30, I should sleep but I’ll blab on for a while.

I drew May a long time ago. My art has improved since then. This was a little doodle that turned into this. I’m super proud of this. I’ve been getting back into Wind Waker (LoZ) style, and this is good. I also gave her jeans since… I mean Nintendo. She’s a freaking tomboy. And yet you give her a skirt? Not to mention Touko and Dawn(get some freaking pants!) Ah well, Trecko’s probably used cut on her skirt or something.

Some one should add her into the new Smash Bros. Pwease Masahiro Sakurai? This is a VERY VERY belated birthday present for Sasha… Sowwy.

I just realized I forgot the shading on the Pokeballs… Ah well.


Summary of art 2013

The stuff I did in 2013~


Not sure if there’s as much improvement as I would’ve liked. But hey! At least my drawing don’t look like ugly stick figures anymore. And yes, lame pun: I drew May, in May XD(she’s still my favourite trainer.)

I’ve been getting a few comments asking if my name is Penny. No it isn’t. ^.^

Month explanation:

January: A month of slight depression. Not much improvement here.

February: The month of art. I got my VERY first graphic tablet. Tons of improvement(not in the pic above)

March: Two words: Proportion hell. I got my proportions wacko since I stopped using bases, I’m glad I stopped.

April-August: Month of nostalgia. Gaming obsession reborn~ And me getting over artblock.

September & October: Month of craziness. Mad art skills, not to mention manga craze kicks right back into gear.


Epic gaming releases!! I was COMPLETELY hyped up. We see many drastic changes.

December: Me and Sash met(again) and I began putting my skills to the test.