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Wind Waker

Honestly, I’m literally dancing now. It(WW HD) released 12:00 hours ago EST mind you.

Unfortunately it’s ONLY the Wii U eShop, not to mention US only >.<. I haven’t drawn in this style since what? Summer holidays? I struggled with this so much, I nearly went batty.


Me being considered for Winx EN mag?!

Oh lord!!

My childhood passion(AKA some Mary Sues in sparkly costumes) is ACTUALLY considering me for the magazine.

Yes, Winx forum Zine. This is a big day. I know I’m not selected, but I nearly cried because I want the Legend OF Zelda:Wind Waker HD Wii U. because… I re-applied and… Bloom1011 said that she thought I got better. Here it is then:

(: I’m really impressed by your improvement (:

Are you able to make/design pages too or just illustrations?

It used to be the entire team recruiting staff, but suddenly everyone became inactive so it’s been just me. I have looked at everyone application but I can’t hire anyone without the staff voting and I don have the ability to make them magazine staff on that forum.

Would you be able to draw up a new winx illustration? I’d like to have a recent illustration to show the staff . If you can’t draw one up immidietly then can you upload one that’s recent?

One last question, do you use bases?


No, I don’t use bases(used to, but it’s so boring).
I don’t mean to sound rude but… making page designs is the easiest thing(I made my site’s), Photoshop & SAI make it so easy.

BTW, if you look on my site my second most recent is the most recent illustration(not counting the base I made^^).
I don’t think I can post it here tho… since it’s an entry(I asked the minis if I could post on my site :))

I’ll post a page design if you’d like it!! Though, you’d really have to take in account the time zone difference(UTC+5), I can post one art once a week, or more urgently IF needed(I have a family…)
Thank you for exciting me so much, I literally jumped up and down after seeing this >.<
The link if you’d like: … 013/09/png.

The topic:




New Base – Trendy Schoolgirl

Based off this art:

PSD file->

SAI file->

Transparent PNG->


If anyone would like a Solid PNG please note me(especially Paint users)

YOU MUST CREDIT ME. I will simply report you with a  24 hour bonus time (to take it off).

Just link to this site/post^^


Winx PT Forum Entry!

Now, before anyone tells me that I  stole this on the wins forums… I’ll literally flip. Ugh, excitement is killing me, WW HD, LOK book , Winx S6, ALBW, Pokemon X & Y…. and so on.

Unfortunately my Pokemon Platinum and Black stopped working when I updated my 3DS XL system. Darn… not to mention my Spirit Tracts(also known as the game with most addictive music).Anyhoo…

Now, this is my entry for the PT forum’s ‘an Estalisia Winx’ -?? I have no idea how I made my hands work this fast XD.

Hey just saying, but would anyone tell me where in the heck is the friend code in ACNL? Me and my friend were stumped at my gloriously high IQ.

I’d be willing to exchange friend codes with you! :)


Credits- EnchantingRainbow(dA) for the glitter stripes

RedHeadStock(dA) for the sparkle brushes