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Since I intend to start drawing my comic soon, I decided that I might as well take an attempt at drawing a bird(a phoenix to be exact.)I won’t be posting it here due to several personal reasons.

I’ve always been interested by mythical creatures (especially Kitsune, and phoenixes.) So I tried. This was interesting, but switching between SAI and Photoshop can be a bit of a hassle.

Oh, and if you can figure out where the title comes from, you get a free cookie >:3



Hello people~!


No, I am not dead. Just doing art, and not posting it.

Just some v-day fluff I decided to draw. Strangely, Minato put me in a lot of pain… This took 5 days to complete, no, it wasn’t a very hard artwork to do. It’s just that school and my social network get heated up at very odd times.

Yes, I like the copper coloured linework.


Before anyone accuses me of stealing, the design was by Icy-Snowflakes

New Canvas

Yes, it’s very simplistic, but I have art-block ;A;

Drew Tetra yesterday since the internet wasn’t working. Nothing to say apart from the fact that I have a speedpaint of this that will be uploaded soon~ and that I hate drawing gold. How do you get it right?!

WW style is so addicting. Must. Draw.


  • Texture by Sage-of-winds-stock(dA)
  • Art by yours truly
  • Design by Icy-Snowflakes(dA)