Monthly Archives: August 2014

Isabelle Concept Art

You know those artworks that you used to love when you made them, but now you want to burn?
This is one of them, unfortunately.
As you can see, it’s an artwork of me trying to figure out my OC Isabelle, all while trying to figure out my (now) signature style.
Epic failure of the century.

Zelda U – WIP

Remember waaay back at E3 this year? We got our first glimpses of the beauty that is Zelda U. And since Zelda is my life, I had to draw something. This this. It’s old, about two months which is how long I’ve been on a no-digital drawing stuff :< but I’m happy with it. I usually don’t draw males, and I tried one of my newer styles (I have two art styles now!) and yep. It’s still in the flat colour stage. I have so many theories for this game, it isn’t even funny. XD Also, since this place is literally barren, I’m going to post WIPs for arts that probably never will be completed, or were trashed.

class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-316″ alt=”2014-08-16_12-59-23″ src=”×545.png” width=”604″ height=”321″ />

Also. I’ve made a tumblr!