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Halloween contest siggies

A while ago, (on a forum on which I am a moderator) a Halloween contest was held. The voting round is currently being held (I won’t put a link), so I thought I’d get the signatures out of the way. There were three categories: food, art, and writing. I had to do signatures for both.
As usual, they are done on huge canvases. These were very fun and stress-relieving to do!



Zelda U – Lineless

//Finally// posted some artwork. I really enjoyed making this, and I noticed that my colouring style has become softer even though I haven’t done any digital artwork since this. Anyways, I really enjoyed this.
Speedpaint to be up soon.
Expect FMA related stuff to be coming soon.
ZUE314 ll
[Also, apologies for bad anatomy. This was me working on an already-made sketch.]

WIP – Zelda U lineless

ZU Wip

I recently got an Intuos Pen & Touch, and since I didn’t want to make a new drawing from scratch, I heavily edited another semi-done art of mine. I decided to make it lineless since I enjoy that, and because it’s challenging. I have no idea when I’ll be done with it, but art updates won’t be as infrequent as they were.