Concept Art – Older May

A pic of May from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. She’s my favourite trainer, she’s older here. And yes. She has a mole on her nose XD. Not to mention the cute lil’ Pokeball on her undershirt.

older May


^^ Click for full image, or download!!

I have a video of this uploading~ It’s 1:30, I should sleep but I’ll blab on for a while.

I drew May a long time ago. My art has improved since then. This was a little doodle that turned into this. I’m super proud of this. I’ve been getting back into Wind Waker (LoZ) style, and this is good. I also gave her jeans since… I mean Nintendo. She’s a freaking tomboy. And yet you give her a skirt? Not to mention Touko and Dawn(get some freaking pants!) Ah well, Trecko’s probably used cut on her skirt or something.

Some one should add her into the new Smash Bros. Pwease Masahiro Sakurai? This is a VERY VERY belated birthday present for Sasha… Sowwy.

I just realized I forgot the shading on the Pokeballs… Ah well.


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