Calixte ‘Calix’ Bloomix

EDIT: So apparently Photoshop decided it would be fun to remove all of my carefully covered lineart areas and the glitter I put. I’ve fixed it now, though ^^

Yes, I totally love the name Bloomix, and I began loving it even more when I read ‘Calix’. Seriously, that is one pun I don’t think I will ever forget.

Enough joking, Bloomix is a HORRIBLE name, that’s it.

Moving on, I drew Calixte, PrettieAngel‘s OC. Based on this design.

This is a gift for her, she’s one of the most inspirational artists I know of.

Calixte 'Calix' Bloomix

I had tons of fun drawing this. I started it yesterday, and worked on it for 6 hours. I have no idea how it feels like 1-2 hours.

There is a bit of anatomical stuff wrong, but hey, I’m happy with it!

I kind of took the short way and did all the fancy colouring (it actually takes less time to do that colouring). This transformation usually has bland (what I like to call ‘Oil colouring’, since it is basically a take on oils) colouring technique. And I decided to add a different aspect to it (she has been dubbed the queen of colouring and wants to live up to that name >: )).

The pose was a pain in the rear, and so were the eyes. But then my muse suddenly decided to kick into gear and this is the result.

The background is a failure, but Photoshop decided to be un-cooperative, once again, reminding me why I do not work in that program (thumbs up to you if you actually survived the horrors.)

And if the wings seem small, I measured them, so ha! No fooling me this time!

I’ve got a video of me drawing this, I’ll post it as soon as the internet is working better.

I’ve got a ton of stuff, but being myself, I want to post it in parts. So you’ll see some stuff slowly crawling onto the site.


Oh, and the wings belong to PrettieAngel

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