Another Update

Seems like all I do these days is post updates, right? :p

But moving on, I’ve got 3-4 artworks in the process of being done, all of them are quite challenging, but I’ll try to finish them as soon as possible.

I haven’t been posting much due to school; I have exams in 3 months. I’ve been listening to Pokemon Reborn and Vocaloids quite a bit too. And so many other artists.

You guys might not see much in April and May, but once June comes, you’ll be getting loads of artworks.

Oh! And I’ve got some good news too! I’ve got a Zelda Triforce wall hanging nearly done, and an emulation of mange-esque style. Just because I haven’t been drawing digitally doesn’t mean that I haven been drawing at all.

I’ve also been looking through my 7000 comments, I was quite surprised that most of them aren’t spam! I love all of you guys for the support! Thank you!!

Oh, and I’ve got two tutorials coming up soon – including a voiced one.

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