Winx PT Forum Entry!

Now, before anyone tells me that I ¬†stole this on the wins forums… I’ll literally flip. Ugh, excitement is killing me, WW HD, LOK book , Winx S6, ALBW, Pokemon X & Y…. and so on.

Unfortunately my Pokemon Platinum and Black stopped working when I updated my 3DS XL system. Darn… not to mention my Spirit Tracts(also known as the game with most addictive music).Anyhoo…

Now, this is my entry for the PT forum’s ‘an Estalisia Winx’ -?? I have no idea how I made my hands work this fast XD.

Hey just saying, but would anyone tell me where in the heck is the friend code in ACNL? Me and my friend were stumped at my gloriously high IQ.

I’d be willing to exchange friend codes with you! :)


Credits- EnchantingRainbow(dA) for the glitter stripes

RedHeadStock(dA) for the sparkle brushes

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