Me being considered for Winx EN mag?!

Oh lord!!

My childhood passion(AKA some Mary Sues in sparkly costumes) is ACTUALLY considering me for the magazine.

Yes, Winx forum Zine. This is a big day. I know I’m not selected, but I nearly cried because I want the Legend OF Zelda:Wind Waker HD Wii U. because… I re-applied and… Bloom1011 said that she thought I got better. Here it is then:

(: I’m really impressed by your improvement (:

Are you able to make/design pages too or just illustrations?

It used to be the entire team recruiting staff, but suddenly everyone became inactive so it’s been just me. I have looked at everyone application but I can’t hire anyone without the staff voting and I don have the ability to make them magazine staff on that forum.

Would you be able to draw up a new winx illustration? I’d like to have a recent illustration to show the staff . If you can’t draw one up immidietly then can you upload one that’s recent?

One last question, do you use bases?


No, I don’t use bases(used to, but it’s so boring).
I don’t mean to sound rude but… making page designs is the easiest thing(I made my site’s), Photoshop & SAI make it so easy.

BTW, if you look on my site my second most recent is the most recent illustration(not counting the base I made^^).
I don’t think I can post it here tho… since it’s an entry(I asked the minis if I could post on my site :))

I’ll post a page design if you’d like it!! Though, you’d really have to take in account the time zone difference(UTC+5), I can post one art once a week, or more urgently IF needed(I have a family…)
Thank you for exciting me so much, I literally jumped up and down after seeing this >.<
The link if you’d like: … 013/09/png.

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